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Marcan Construction Ltd. (Business address: 778 Panamount Blvd. NW, Calgary AB, T3K 0P8) hires experienced Plasterers. This is full time, permanent position on locations in Calgary, AB. Candidate must have minimum of 3 years of relevant, confirmed experience as plasterer or/and stucco plasterer. No education necessary. Relevant, verifiable experience is the most important factor. Offered salary: $27 per hour. OT: $40.50 after 44 hrs./week. Marcan Construction also offers 10 days vacation. Candidate must have indicated experience and knowledge of plastering / stucco plastering and understanding of building envelope duties as such: preparing walls' surface for plaster application, fill holes & cracks, mixing plaster components for desirable consistency, skillfully apply, level and smooth coats of plaster and finishing corners and angles. English is a language of work. Some projects require work at heights. All candidates are welcome to apply. E-mail your resume at

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Marcan Construction Ltd.

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Phone: (403) 700-7279


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