Welcome to the website of Marcan Construction Ltd a quality construction: Specialized in TRADITIONAL STUCCO AND EIFS FULL SYSTEM FOAM, MASONARY AND RENOVATION serving Calgary and area.

About Our Company

Our contractors pay close attention to every detail of our client’s projects through our years of experience to accomplish utmost client satisfaction. We take on even the most challenging projects with integrity, professionalism and dependability. We bring to our clients a network of specialized laborers with extensive experience allowing us to guarantee 100% of all our work. We believe the fundamental success in any project is client satisfaction and approach each project with a unique perspective encouraging clients’ suggestions and opinions on details of the project. We will, if needed, also provide expertise in project options for client review and approval. We not only work for you, but we stand beside you as we collaboratively build your conceptual dreams into reality to complete satisfaction.

Where we work and what we do

Marcan Construction Ltd. offers their services in Calgary and surrounding area. We specialize in installation of the diverse materials that can be used in commercial and residential brick masonry, stucco & EIFS (Certified Imasco Applicator) construction and repair. This included full brick, thin brick, thin and full stone, manufactured stone, cast stone, limestone, glass block, concrete block, and architectural concrete masonry units. Stucco & EIFS details at Imasco Minerals website www.Imascominerals.com.

Free Estimates

We offer FREE ESTIMATES. Call us today to learn about the many unique possibilities to enhance your project appearance, accelerate the construction schedule, and minimize the environmental impact!

What make us different from our competitors?

I am sure you all have had past experience with other contractors, consult with us and compare. Our company invests heavily in the latest equipment, some of best craftsmen with extensive knowledge of new construction techniques continuously at the leading edge of the construction industry. Marcan Construction Ltd. approach to project work has proven quality results, and knowledgeable team and very happy clientele.

It is worth renovating with us!

Marcan Construction Ltd. is capable of handling multiple large-scale projects, renovations and repairs at multiple sites. Our experts provide advisory services including project process, management and assistance in purchasing quality materials and best possible prices. If required, our firm is more than happy to buy the needed materials for your project and is cost effective to our clients as our company receives large discounts when buying in bulk.

Dear clients, trust our experience, trust our quality and trust us to provide successful solutions to your project.